How to find your target market? Make your first 50 sales

Finding your target market when you are first starting your business is often like looking for the Holy Grail.  It seems impossible. You haven’t had any customers – so you don’t know their likes and dislikes. You haven’t had a year of sales – so you can’t review any patterns and see the trends You […]

Why you need a business plan

The basics of a business and why you need to write one if you are considering launching your own business

Review your Business Plan and Goals using Hired Business Advisers

If you are writing your business plan, don’t hesitate to seek out a paid adviser to help you review the strengths and weaknesses of the plan

Your Business Plan is Your Company’s GPS System

Similar to driving in an area without directions, a business plan provides turn by turn guidance for how your business should operate and spend money

Finally…writing your business plan – New Year’s Resolution 2011

Setting goals for your business by writing a business plan at the end of the year

The Missing Ingredient in Your Business Plan

If you want to know WHY your business is not succeeding, this video from TEDx is a great place to start. Whether you are a launching or re-launching your business, I encourage to watch and ask yourself the questions honestly   Share your thoughts below

Quick primer on self publishing – Marketing tips for entrepreneurs

Several friends reached out to me recently about self publishing. It seems like the buzz and importance of branding oneself and their company is reaching the masses and people are looking for ways to market themselves through self publishing.

Hidden benefits of participating in Business Plan Competitions

Having had the pleasure of judging several business plan competitions, I’ve learned a few lessons.  I recently participated in the NYC Queens Economic Development’s business plan competition and I’ve sat on other panels including the Miller Brewing Company’s Urban Entrepreneurs Business Grant Competition. After reading 100+ plans, I’ve gained a few insights on why entrepreneurs […]

Writing a Business plan? It’s all about the follow-THROUGH

Anyone can buy business plan writing books, start jotting down ideas and even attend some seminars/workshops on writing the business plan. Anyone can brainstorm a business idea into the wee hours of the night and network solidly for a month or two to tell anyone in earshot distance. Anyone can get started on writing the plan.

It’s those who finish it that distinguishes the real winners. It takes a huge amount of discipline and dedication to finish.

Is a business plan really necessary?

If you’ve ever doubted the need for a business plan, read on!