Finally…writing your business plan – New Year’s Resolution 2011

As we wind down to 2010, it’s a great opportunity to review the goals that you set for this past year.  Did you achieve your goals for 2010?

While it might be tempting to set up a New Year’s Resolution list that is 10 yards deep by 10 yards wide – I recommend that you pick 4 or 5 areas that you want to work on in your business – and go long with it.  (Clearly I have been watching too many football games these days! lol)

But in all seriousness, focus on only a few very specific goals for 2011.

  • If you have been planning to write a business plan  – but can’t get past the first page – set your goal as writing your first draft plan for 2011.
  • If you haven’t started your business – start selling a few of the products or services as test within the market place while you write the business plan.   Make your goal to sell to 100 customers and write a draft plan.  (Hint, hint – that is the best way to write the plan.   Get real customer feedback and get real numbers for your first plan.  You can always come back annually and revise)
  • If you have been operating a business for several years without a plan – set the goal of writing your first business plan for the 2011 year.  It is one of the most critical tools you can use to set your business up for success.  Don’t worry if you are not applying for financing or venture capital.  Use the business plan as a roadmap for the goals you want to achieve in 2011 and the strategy your business will use to get there.

Pick three – maximum four business goals for the year.

Write them down.

And break down the steps needed to complete them.

Set up time-lines for each step – taking into account your busy seasons and the anticipated curveballs that you know life will throw at you in 2011.

Then tell 1 or 2 other entrepreneurs who are in your accountability circle what you are doing and use them as a feedback loop for when you have completed individual goals.

If you are interested in learning more about goal setting vs goal achieving – take a look at Darren Hardy from SUCCESS Magazine (one of my all time favorites).  He has an excellent series on serious goal achieving and how the Law of Attraction really works

Take into consideration the events and life circumstances that you do know about into your planning.  But set some goals that will make you proud as you look back

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