This blog is created to help more start-ups write and FINISH their business plan while getting their businesses up and running.  Are you an aspiring entrepreneur?  Then read this site.

The resources available will teach you how to use the business plan (rather than letting it collect dust on your bookshelf) to make more money, create and use systems in your business to simplify your work and develop marketing that reaches your target customers.

Hi, I’m Malla Haridat,  an expert trainer having trained over 100+ start-ups and entrepreneurs on business plan development.

I started this blog in 2010 to support start-ups and current business owners become more effective in writing and FINISHING their business plans.  Notice a trend yet?   I hope so!  This isn’t a blog for those who are entrepreneurs in the “dreaming”.  We want you to reach the finish line and start a business that puts real money in your pocket and growth in your long term business goals!