Is a business plan really necessary?

Recently I was teaching a small business class and had a question from one of the attendees. She shared that she still couldn’t understand why she needed to write a business plan. She had been attending small business workshops for years and heard the “gurus” harp on the importance of THE plan.  She had started her service business a few years ago without a plan and was doing quite well….over 100K a year in revenue.  Even during her “bumpy” periods, she had continued to develop new customers and maintain most of her clients. She couldn’t understand why she needed to take valuable time away from her business to sit down and write a plan for a business that was already earning enough money.

The student does have a point.  Why does an entrepreneur need a business plan?  Especially if they already have a thriving business.

This blog will help entrepreneurs who have asked this question: Do I really need a business plan?  The short answer is yes.  There is a reason for developing your own plan…but it probably doesn’t look like the models you’ve seen before.

We’ll feature the easiest, quickest and most productive way of completing a business plan and how to use it throughout the life of your company.  Stay tuned for the next feature and don’t hesitate to write us with questions!

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