200 contacts in 90 days – Setting sales goals for those afraid of selling

In the early days of my business, I set sales goals using an “old school” model.   I would set a numerical target for the number of contacts I wanted to reach by a certain date.  For example, I might target 50, 100 or 200 potential prospects in 30 days.

Selling was not something that came naturally to me.  Actually it used to have me shaking  at the thought of speaking to strangers.  During those first calls,  I learned a few techniques that helped me overcome my initial hesitation.

  • I would dress up in full suit when making phone calls.
  • I always sat at my business desk when writing letters of introduction.
  • I used a classy pen or some other good luck item
  • I set an egg timer to stay focused

I knew if operated AS IF I were a successful entrepreneur – it would lead to me finding companies who would want to work with me.

I was pretty creative locating people.  I used  phone books, attended networking meetings and read every business related publication I could find.  (This was of course pre-Internet days!)

And I always found positive results after hearing from the chorus of  “no”s and silent responses.  There was always one person who would be willing to schedule a meeting and learn more.  Inevitably if I could get a meeting, I had a good chance of closing them.

As time has progressed (or rather as I feel I have less time), I have not relied on those techniques.  Yet there was serious value in them.  While things have modernized now in the location of prospects and leads, making appointments and closing, many of the old techniques are still valuable.

The need for identifying a prospect list and sharing the benefits with prospects still exists.

Closing them is great.  But sharing your value, your brand and how you can help make someone else’s life easier…is still needed in our economy.  Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in training – start identifying some sale goals for the next 90 days.

I’ll share my updates or better yet …if you want to join in to boost sales in your own business – add a comment or email me to share your updates or thoughts.

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