The business plan is your company’s GPS system

The plan is really best thought of as your company’s GPS system.  When you are looking at a GPS, you don’t need to see every single detail.  You just need to see the list of steps from point of origination to your final destination and the steps and turns along the way are given on as needed basis.

So you can think of your plan in this manner.  It’s a tool used to guide you in your daily operations to reach your long term destination.  (Having used to GPS to drive from New York to New Orleans I can attest a GPS can go a long way!)  And if you happen to hit a pocket of traffic, you can use the plan the same way you readjust on your GPS and find an alternate route.

It’s that simple.

Use the plan to guide your daily, monthly, quaterly and annual operations.  By spending some time planning on the front end, you’ll gain alot of time in the long term and guarntee that you’ll be much closer to hitting your target at the end of year.

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