Avon helps me keep my sales process simple

I left work after 10pm one evening this week with my head spinning with ideas – new clients to reach out to, contracts and proposals to write, and wondering how I was going to manage all of it with limited time.

I was approached by a woman on the train platform.

For those who are unfamiliar with NYC subway etiquette – you don’t approach strangers.  And you certainly don’t approach them and hand them anything.  But she was dressed in professional work clothes and didn’t seem like she might be harmful so I glanced down at what she handed me.

It was an Avon catalog.

I read it on the way home and thought about what products I might order.  While I generally don’t spend a lot on make-up and related supplies, a girl can always keep her supplies of lip gear in check!  Plus I wanted to support her on her entrepreneurial venture and thought it would be easy with the simplicity of online ordering.

It also hit me that she was reminding me of great sales strategy – keep it simple and approach everyone as a potential client.

While she didn’t know if I would be interested, I was appreciative that she was managing her brand well (her professional appearance), willing to market her brand (identifiable sales materials that she had on hand and a no pressure manner to share the information) and an easy fulfillment process (online ordering that eliminated the need to share my personal information with her).

It was amazing how I have forgotten to keep it simple.

This week, I want to give considerable thought to adding a few pieces of  “how to keep it simple” to my current sales process.  One of the first is figuring out how to change my existing proposal process – it often takes too long from the brainstorming and idea generation stage to developing the customized program.  I’ll give it some thought and return back to you with the ideas I develop.

Send me some ideas in the comments section of how you have simplified your sales process.


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