Working with a Virtual Assistant – Part 3

For those of you reading my last post, I wanted to explain a critical detail of the last step.

When sharing new tasks, I often have the VA complete part of a task and send it back to me for review. While this was typical with any new employee I’ve worked with (particularly one that I was training), I’ve learned to break down the task into even smaller units when working with a VA.

15 min.

Yup, you heard it correctly.  I figure out what part of the task can be completed in 10 or 15 min and have them complete it and return it to me.

This has saved me numerous headaches about the work not being completed to my standards or any mis-communication about the instructions I’ve provided.  (I’ve also learned in this process to not take anything personal and take my time and explain things slowly and as completely as possible)

Once the VA has a good handle on the task, I can assign the full task.  It takes me a day or two longer by using this method but the end result is worth it.  I know exactly what to expect and I end up saving money by not being billed for useless work.

What I can say I have enjoyed about working with Virtual Assistants is that once they have a complete understanding about the task including my expectations and deadlines – they are masters at managing a repetitive task that would bore me to tears.  In the business world, this is known as creating systems and saves you time and money.  For me, it keeps the creative juices in my mind flowing – I can focus on the fun part of my business and allow someone else to manage the day to day operational tasks that have often bogged me down.

What are your thoughts on Virtual Assistants?  Do you have any best practices?


  1. Wonderful, wonderful blog about virtual assistants – just what I needed! Thanks!!!!!


  1. […] Not everyone, including myself, is a good candidate for an international VA company. Working with others abroad requires you to do the thinking for them and tell them what to do. If you do not have the time or patience to guide your VA, this might not be the best option for you. However, if your tasks are basic and simple, then having someone else do them for you will save you time and energy and become a great investment. International VA companies are best used for data entry and updating mailing list which leads to less wasted time and frustration on your part. See how Malla’s handles working with a VA. […]

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