Do your employees know your business model?

Clearly there is a movement going on in the entrepreneurial community!  People are fed up with 100+ page business plans that don’t work and looking to develop simpler and more impactful models.

I was excited to read an article recently on BNET that illustrated this point.  The author, Sean Silverthorne (the editor from Harvard Business School Working Knowledge) challenges the reader to examine three simple questions about their business and discover if their employees can answer them. Check it out here:

The article is very well written.  While it’s short, I’m betting that it could cause some real shifts if entrepreneurs really sat down and interviewed their teams on the answers to these questions.

I would take it a step BACKWARDS and challenge most start-up entrepreneurs if they can answer the questions themselves.  Do you understand the value you bring to your customers?  And why are they going to keep purchasing from you?

Take some time this week to ponder this question and see what answers you come up with!

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