Avon helps me keep my sales process simple

I left work after 10pm one evening this week with my head spinning with ideas – new clients to reach out to, contracts and proposals to write, and wondering how I was going to manage all of it with limited time. I was approached by a woman on the train platform. For those who are […]

Quick primer on self publishing – Marketing tips for entrepreneurs

Several friends reached out to me recently about self publishing. It seems like the buzz and importance of branding oneself and their company is reaching the masses and people are looking for ways to market themselves through self publishing.

200 contacts in 90 days – Setting sales goals for those afraid of selling

In the early days of my business, I set sales goals using an “old school” model.   I would set a numerical target for the number of contacts I wanted to reach by a certain date.  For example, I might target 50, 100 or 200 potential prospects in 30 days. Selling was not something that came […]

Using a Brown-out to Eliminate Endless Operational Tasks

I was home recently answering email when the electricity suddenly shut off.  Thinking it was just my apt, I went to the fuse box and flicked the switch.  No response.   I poked my head out of the window and realized that the entire block had also lost electricity as lights, ACs and other noisy engines […]

Hidden benefits of participating in Business Plan Competitions

Having had the pleasure of judging several business plan competitions, I’ve learned a few lessons.  I recently participated in the NYC Queens Economic Development’s business plan competition and I’ve sat on other panels including the Miller Brewing Company’s Urban Entrepreneurs Business Grant Competition. After reading 100+ plans, I’ve gained a few insights on why entrepreneurs […]

Should you buy a business or “test” drive it ?

Try testing out your business idea before dumping the money into the investment. It can save you alot of headaches in the long run.

Black Enteprise Entrepreneurs Conference 2010

Check out my post on Black Enterprise’s blog about my thoughts on the Elevator Pitch competition.  I want to check out the  video on their site to watch the event again.  But in the interim, check out my take: http://networkedblogs.com/40AKd Tell me if you agreed with the judges final results.

Writing a Business plan? It’s all about the follow-THROUGH

Anyone can buy business plan writing books, start jotting down ideas and even attend some seminars/workshops on writing the business plan. Anyone can brainstorm a business idea into the wee hours of the night and network solidly for a month or two to tell anyone in earshot distance. Anyone can get started on writing the plan.

It’s those who finish it that distinguishes the real winners. It takes a huge amount of discipline and dedication to finish.

Working with a Virtual Assistant – Part 3

For those of you reading my last post, I wanted to explain a critical detail of the last step. When sharing new tasks, I often have the VA complete part of a task and send it back to me for review. While this was typical with any new employee I’ve worked with (particularly one that […]

Working with a virtual assistant – part 2

One of the biggest challenges with a VA is their distance.  They are not sitting next to you when you share your instructions. For people who have never used assistants, I don’t think they realize how challenging this idea will be.  It’s not that you can’t communicate through email and other online forums.  But it’s […]